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Powerful and strong in the water, the latest RIB boat that Capelli presented this year in Cannes and Genoa, Tempest 40, attracted a lot of attention of boaters and the general public. Despite the fact the competition is strong, this RIB in cooperation with Yamaha was highly attractive for visitors.
The Capelli Tempest 40 that we were aboard was equipped by two most powerful Yamaha engines of the V8 series, each with 350 horsepower.
Fully synchronized and fully equipped engines with the system of the same manufacturer, as well as excellent control of the boat at different speeds are great advantages of this boat. However, what stands out most and what is crucial is the care dedicated to safety and security aboard. It has a “safety key” that is installed next to the steering wheel on the instrument panel.
Cabin that has a slightly rounded and aerodynamic shape allows short-term accommodation for two persons, as it is fitted with a double bed below the deck and a nice head compartment with standing headroom. The bathroom is cute, equipped with a charming modern glass washbasin, and there is also a shower with hot and cold water.
Length of the boat is over 12 meters, which guarantees enough space on the open deck for an active life on the water for more than 15 passengers. In the open part behind the skipper’s seat, you can find a small galley block with a cool box.
If we think of the purpose of the vessel and direct use on the water, it is interesting to say that this is a typical boat for making rapid changes in position along the shore, for making short and fast crossings between coast and islands, and particularly for rapid transport of a number of passengers to a specific destination.
It must also be taken into account that this RIB is lightweight and very powerful because of the total engine power engaged in navigation, which is around 700 horse power. However, due to the use of tubes, outer surface of the vessel is increased, creating higher resistance to water that leads to slightly higher fuel consumption compared to standard types of powerboat.
It is excellently equipped with Raymarine navigation equipment and with Yamaha engine and steering controls, along with the helm and a synchronized electronic handle.
As for the standard equipment, the vessel contains an excellent bow bridge with a built-in anchor and an electrical 800-watt winch, a large number of useful compartments under the seats, a large padded sun deck at the bow, complete safety equipment, retractable awning for protection from the hot sun in the cockpit, and the FUSION sound system with a radio.
Navigation wing gives the boat a particularly beautiful appearance and the lines of the vessel are well interconnected, creating the boat’s very elegant profile.
A new type of glass used for the cabin and a good shape of the windshield protect the skipper and give this RIB speedboat specific design. The large aft and the forward sunpads are extremely useful, and it is nice to be aboard both when underway and when it is anchored. The seats are well made in a beige color, while the walkways and the deck are covered with non-slip teak panels.

Tehnični podatki


dolžina: 12,18 m
širina: 3,54 m
teža praznega čolna: 3.900 kg,
premer tub: 65 cm
dovoljeno število oseb: 18
največja dovoljena moč motorja: (2x350 HP)
rezervoar: 650 lit
dolžina noge 2U
Neoprene - Hypalon Orca 1670dtex

Serijska oprema

  • Vse blazine za sončenje zunanje
  • Vse blazine za sončenje notranje
  • Jedilni prostor s prilagodljivo mizi in možnostjo postavitve zakonske postelje
  • Zunanji tuš
  • Predal s hladilnikom (lt. 65)
  • LED stropna svetila
  • Krmarjeva klop z umivalnikom, štedilnik in nosilcem kozarcev
  • Radio, 4 zvočniki
  • Rollbar GRP
  • Krmni prostor z dvemi ležišči
  • Rezervoar za vodo (lt. 140)
  • Rezervoar za odpadno vodo
  • Rezervoar za gorivo (lt. 650)
  • Fiksna teakova krmna miza
  • Hidravlični krmilni mehanizem
  • Stranišče z WC-jem in umivalnikom
  • Električni vitel 800 W

Dodatna oprema

  • Ski pole
  • Grelnik vode lt. 25
  • Bow thruster
  • Polnilec 220 V
  • Teak obloga v kokpitu
  • Teak obloga bočnih površin in platforme
  • Soft top
  • Zaščitno prekrivalo za konzolo in krmarjevo klop
  • Zaščitno prekrivalo za krmni del čolna skupaj z klopmi in ležišči
  • Sončna tenda na rollbaru za zaščito kokpita
  • Sončna tenda na rollbaru za zaščito ležalnih površin na krmnem delu
  • Dodatna pomoč za hidravlični volanski mehanizem
  • Optimus EPS elektronsko krmiljenje

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